Top 5 Best Strategy Games That I’ve Played

In my humble opinion, these games are just awesome.

#5: Medieval II: Total War

I got this game recently, and I think it’s really cool. Then again, medieval warfare is inherently cool, so that’s a plus. But besides that, it has beautiful graphics, a great interface, amazing scale and… *Gasp*… It actually makes you think.

So why isn’t it higher?

Because I haven’t played it enough. I can’t really call something I haven’t played much, but I do put it at number 5.

I would hate to see THIS outside my walls.

#4: Star Wars: Empire at War

You’ve probably guessed that I’m a huge Star Wars geek. My first Star Wars was Episode II, at a hospital. I waved around a toothpick like it was a lightsaber, and my parents knew I was a born fan. So naturally, I wanted this game immediately.

This is THE Star Wars RTS if your a Star Wars fan. With everything but the kitchen sink to have X-Wings blow to smithereens, I loved playing with all the cool toys. The cinematic camera option just tops it off, and it’s cool in itself. And I really liked the Death Star. Blowing up planets is just so fun… 😈

All in all, enough cool to put it at number 4.

If you do not think this is cool, you do not know the meaning of cool.

#3: Total Annihilation

I’m not sure if this was my first strategy game, but it’s certainty very, very close. I thought about putting Supreme Ruler 2020 here, but Total Annihilation really outclasses it, in my opinion. Why? For me, it really set the bar for all strategy games. If it is as good-or better-than Total Annihilation, it undoubtedly succeeds. If not, it inevitably fails, only to be messed around with ounce in a while when I’m bored.

Setting a quality check alone is enough for me to put it at number 3.

I used to love starting forest fires.

#2: Civilization IV

If I didn’t like this game, would I be doing a lets play? Civ 4 is the best turn-based strategy game, like, ever. I’m not a huge fan of board games, but Civ 4 is is far better than Scrabble or Monopoly. Civ is  exciting, something that physical board games cannot match. Plus, it makes nuclear warfare sound appealing. That takes talent.

Excitement level puts Civilization IV at number 2.

Sign that I’m sick #672: I like doing this to all the other civilizations.

And now, number 1. Drumroll please…

#1: Rise of Nations

 This game is pure awesome. You cannot call yourself a true strategy fan until you’ve played Rise of Nations. Because, really, what other game lets you experience all of history, in RTS form? With so much content, it is infinitely replayable. And the Conquer the World campaign, which I think is supposed to be the main game mode, is amazing. So, Rise of Nations, the best strategy game ever, holds top title.

Yes, this game is as awesome as it looks.

But wait… don’t go away. there’s one more game, a game that must be mentioned for my list to be truly complete…

#0: Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

This is my other contender for prize of my first strategy game. I loved it. It was my favorite game. If I didn’t like strategy games before then, I did now. Who cared about the retro graphics? Who cared about the impossible late-game scenarios? I loved it. And I still do, even now. What a game.

Oh, and then there’s Simon the Killer Ewok. Pure cool.

Simon has found you, Darth Vader. Run as fast as you can.

I will eventually do a lets play of all of these games. Why? Because they are all awesome.