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Boston Marathon: Setting The Record Straight

OK, yesterday, two bombs went off at the Boston Marathon. The news considers this pretty big, so the way they’re reporting it, you’d think it was the new Pearl Harbor. However, though I was nowhere near Boston at the time, the words of my parents reassured me of this:

I think that the disaster was a prank gone wrong.

Here’s why. From what I heard (and believe me, my mother and father are trustworthy sources), the videos show the runners… well, running, then there’s a bang and a plume of white smoke comes up. The runners look somewhat confused, but keep running. Then the same thing happens again. The deaths and injuries were the result of flying shrapnel, not the explosion itself. This points to fairly powerful firecrackers, not grenades or dynamite. Likely, some thrill-seeking teenagers set up the bombs as a prank, not realizing what the result would be.

I am NOT trying to discount the disaster as complete fiction. My heart is just as much with the victims as yours. However, I thought it would be nice for you to know that the news naturally hypes a big story like this, and it is no time to panic.

May God help the victims through, and may the news figure out that hyping big news stories only makes the situation worse.