My Janurary

Hi. Yes, I’m alive. Happy New Year, one month late. I like 2013 so far. Much more peaceful than 2012. Oh, sure, the Fench went after extremists in Mali, and there was yet another shooting–honestly, it’s starting to get ridiculous–but that’s about it so far.

My gaming blog is doing well. Found a couple games, one back in November, the other this month:

*Kerbal Space Program: Basically, NASA Tycoon. You build rockets and fly them. It’s still in development, and they plan to have money, resources and all sorts of other stuff by the end. It costs exactly $23 right now, a price which will rise once per major update, so the sooner you get it, the more value in the long run. Here:

*Democracy 2: A political simulator where you try to win reelection as the prime minister or president of either one of the fictional countries or the USA. Not for everyone, but political buffs like myself will probably enjoy. It costs a little less than $20. Here:

Also found another blog called “Wrong Universe”. The writer can be a little bitter sometimes, but he’s lonely. He could probably use the views:

Finally, mom just told me that some lady in Detroit has an addiction to herĀ cats fur. As in, she actually licks her cat. My god, my god, why have you forsaken America?

Signing out for now.