Why Pawn Shops Suck

If you’ve watched Pawn Stars, you can probably figure out what a pawn shop is. In case you don’t know, they are basically places were you take old stuff and try to sell it to swindling jerks. There are two basic facts about this:

1.Pawn Stars sucks (search your feelings, you know it to be true).

2.Pawn shops will try to rip you off any way they can.

But here’s the thing: people go there knowing this, but they think, “hey, it’s still money in my pocket.” Guess what, bub. It’s not. You are actually LOSING money when you sell stuff to a pawn shop.

Think about it. What is the total sum of every single thing you own called? Your net worth. Do you own this valuable old thing? I hope so. Is it part of your net worth? Obviously.

So is this coming off your net worth?

What do you think, bub?

Some people go in there to buy stuff. Well, if they ripped the seller off, don’t you think they’re going to rip the buyer off, too?

People, if you have something old and valuable to sell, just use Ebay or a garage sale. If you want to buy old stuff, go to an antique shop or someone else’s garage sale. Believe me, it’s way better.


One comment on “Why Pawn Shops Suck

  1. I never like to buy things in pawn shops. Their prices are too high and I don’t like haggling. eBay is better as long as you check prices first. Hard to beat Amazon for good prices.

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