The Battle of Thanksgiving (FanFiction, sort of)

OK, I know I’m a day late, but I didn’t think of it until now.

DISCLAIMER: Tag and Bink belongs to Dark Horse Comics, Star Wars belongs to either Lucasfilm or Disney, probably both, and George Lucas, Spider Man belongs to Marvel and Stan Lee, Wreck-It Ralph belongs to Disney, Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to Sega. This is fair use under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976.

As you might guess from that disclaimer, this will probably be very bizarre…


11 AM, NOVEMBER 22ND, 2012

Nathan looked back at the building.


The building was a communications array owned by the Multiversial Defense Force. It had just been overrun by the forces of Sadland, who they were at war with. All forces in the area were in full retreat.

Two particular soldiers were doing it a little faster than the others…

“Hey, Tag?”


“Are we being cowards in the face of the enemy?”

“Do you value life?”


“Then, no.”

11:30 PM


“This is a hard decision, but if they control that communications array, they can not only hack into our signals, but also the signals of phone and email conversations across the multiverse! They can attack Happylandian culture itself! I suggest a full nuclear strike.”

The general looked at his men.


Updates will happen periodically!