On The Presidential Debate

I am into politics. WAY. TOO. MUCH. So, naturally, I watched the presidential debate last night. Like, actually sat through it, eating only peanut butter and crackers. And, unlike most of the internet, I say Obama won.

Romney wouldn’t listen to the moderator, and just babbled on and on and on… and, in case nobody noticed, he went over two minutes several times. Obama only went over once. ONCE is the key word here. Obama was also more professional, and, in extension, presidential.

Body language also counts here. Although Obama did, indeed, look down a lot during Romey’s talking, he actually smiled when Romney talked. Romney’s face got redder and redder the more he disagreed with Obama.

And, you don’t cut funding for PBS. EVER. He just lost a lot of his voter base.

And one more thing. Is my family the only ones who noticed that weird little thing on Romney’s flag pin?

See it?