Roominate-or “Capitalism Working”

Yesterday, my mom found this:

For those too lazy too click the link:

Apparently, only 15% of female first-year college students intend to major in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). (and yes, I copy-pasted that) Somebody made the theory that this is because girls toys are predominantly based on dolls and princesses. (it took them, like, what, 10 years to figure this out?) So, they came up with “Roominate”, a new girls toy that makes the girl “an artist, an engineer, an architect, and a visionary”.

No, this is not prebuilt.

It works like this: you give your daughter the toy. And then, they build their own, customizable, miniature rooms. With electronics. Not kidding.

Now, this is were the American way really kicks in. You see, the people who came up with this already have some working prototypes. So, they gave it to Kickstarter, who is probably going to bid it at a few auctions, sell it to Hasbro and Mattel,  and let capitalism do the rest. They’ve already raised $85,964 and counting from “pledges” were you donate and receive a couple thousand kits for your company to sell.

Basically, capitalism working exactly the way it should.

Now, this is how capitalism should work. This is exactly the kind of innovation that capitalists talk about. Why doesn’t it always work out like this? It should.

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