Why Minecraft is Awesome

In case you haven’t heard, Minecraft, from Mojang, is the single most popular downloadable game right now. You might be wondering: whats all the fuss? It looks like just another retro building game. But it’s not. It is awesome. You know the other building games? Farmville, Sim City, Zoo Tycoon, etc.? TOYS. This is the real deal, baby.

Here is why:

1.Unlimited possibility.

Ever wanted to live in a movie theater? Build one in Minecraft. Ever wanted to kill zombies? Go into a deep, dark cave in Minecraft. Ever wanted to climb a mountain? Find on in Minecraft. Ever wanted to… well, you get the idea. I’m building a sky fort. With a CREEPER FACE.


 There are skins(I’m Jet the Hawk, from Sonic the Hedgehog). There are mods(I’m a vanilla player, but my brother wants a mod). Awesome costomization options, right?

3. Creepers.

We loved them from the start. Creepers. Even if you’ve never played Minecraft, you can probably pick out a Creeper.

“Thatsssss a nice  blog  you have there…”

You need to buy Minecraft if you haven’t already. Like RIGHT NOW.


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