Thanksgiving Eve

Not very attractive, is it? But every Thanksgiving post must have a turkey.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I’m pretty exited. It’s the only time of year where I can gouge myself and run around grandmas at the same time without being blamed. When I come home, I plan to blog about the day. Tonight, we are all taking baths. Mom is already taking hers. We did plan to pack for our move on Saturday, but we kind of… slacked off. I hope we get our act together soon, cause now we will only have Friday to pack.

I just thought I would give out some interesting Thanksgiving trivia: every year, the president of the USA gives a pardon to a turkey. The turkey goes on to live out it’s natural life. I wonder what the turkey must be thinking. Probably something like this:

"What am I doing here? Oh, hello humans. I assume... wait, a PARDON? Thanks, man!"

I cant figure out how to put videos on WordPress, but here is the link to the Christian Science Monitor article(and no, I’m not christian, this is just where I found the video):

Happy Thanksgiving!


Test of a Chatbot

Today, I discovered A.L.I.C.E., a very smart chatbot. So I deiced to test it. This was the order of things:

Part 1: get it to acknowledge it is a robot

Part 2: engage in small talk

Part 3: give it a simple IQ test

Part 4: see if it recognizes puns

Part 5: talk about god and the meaning of life

Part 6: ask it the most confusing question I could think of and see how it responds

It’s final score was 8-kind of pathetic. I told it to try again in 5 years, when it is more intelligent.

Rain, me, and plans

Hello. I am Nathan(the Jedi Master, remember that) and this is my blog. Well, that’s a rather cliche start, but it is a start nether the less. I used to have a blog called “Nate Notes”, but it soon became horrid and I gave up. I am now starting a private blog(this one) and pretty much plan to write about anything and everything.

As for the events of the day, I went to play outside but then it started to rain. Yeah. That’s Ohio for you.  We have a swear money system for my parents(you give money every time you cuss, except when I’m felling generous) and I’m thinking of using the money I’ve collected to buy a slushie. Then again, I might want to hoard it in case the system is too successful and everyone stops cussing. I’m not sure yet.

Anyway, I have plans to have a Star Wars marathon when I get the Blu-Ray boxed set. I might even kick it up a notch and also watch The Clone Wars. I’ll definitely blog about it when it happens.

No, I’m not going to blog every day(considering my laziness, that would acutely be kind of scary), but I will blog when I fell like it. Whoa, 204 words and I’m not even done with the post! That kinda gives me a felling of superiority.

[[End Post]]